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Thank Bitmoji It’s Friday

On this Thank Bitmoji It’s Friday – I’m happy I have my new cartoon friend along for the ride.

Let's Discuss Bitmoji

I only discovered, and created, this playful version of myself this past weekend.  Bitmoji is clearly a hit and I know why.  It expands our thoughts, feelings and ideas in the digital world.  It puts a “face” to email, texts, tweets.  It, essentially, personalizes.

Bitmoji has brought a sense of Christmas morning to my week – all excitement and discovery.  I have a shiny new toy.  A reminder that underneath the soil of our calendar years, lives the seedling child in us all.

Is it professional?  I don’t know.  And I don’t care.  It speaks to how I would like to be represented – as a person with an imagination, a creative spark, but most of all, with a sense of humor.

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