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Mother’s Day

Apres Mother’s Day.

The brunch or lunch is over. The flowers and cards have been bought. The mom’s have had a day to celebrate their years of hard work.

On Saturday, I was buying sausage in a well-known NY German meat market (that sounds funny, doesn’t it?). The older gentleman behind the counter was wrapping my purchase and wished me a Happy Mother’s Day tomorrow. I thanked him of course. He then asked the question – “You have children?” I said Yes I do. He asked their ages. I said, Oh they are 25 and 23. He said “Months?” with a sly smile. “No, they are grown now” I replied, knowing he was being kind. “Well you have done well…I should be so lucky.” I got a compliment and 4 sausage links for $5.63.

Yes – I have been fortunate to help raise two daughters, Kristen and Nicole. Although they were not born from my body, I have cared for them and loved them. I have tried to be the best mother I knew how – sometimes faultering, often worried – but I always tried. Today, they are two beautiful young women who I am very proud of. What greater gift can you have as a mom than that?

My mom, Beatrice Esquirol, is unfortunately no longer with us. She died young, a mere 67 years old, at the beginning of her retirement years. She was a wonderful woman, mom, friend. She was not perfect…nor are any of us. She was just a woman with a huge heart, a selflessness that surpasses most, and a giggle that made everyone smile. She was, and IS, my mom and I look forward to the day when I see her again and climb into her lap like I so often did (even as an adult – it was a little fun joke between us.)

I miss you mom.


Quotes that make me go Eeee…

“Whatever you are, be a good one.” – Abraham Lincoln

God, that Abe character knew what he was talking about, didn’t he? I heard this quote just this week…and although it is simple, it is powerful. I think it’s something we all want – to be a good one – a good parent, a good spouse, a good friend, a good worker. I know I do. I would like to be great, but I’ll take good. I want to do my best (although I have fallen short many times) but I know in my belly that I really do want to be “a good one.” And it doesn’t matter whether you are a chicken plucker (I don’t know where that came from) or a Shakespearian scholar (maybe there’s a chicken plucker scholar out there?), all that matters is that we try to do our best – to strive to be a good one. That is success.

Thank you Mr. Lincoln.

(ps I read this picture is the last portrait taken of Lincoln, 4 days before his assassination. Made me stop and pause.)


Times Square

It’s a beautiful spring Friday and Times Square is having a bomb scare. I haven’t heard much except there was a suspicious package. I heard evacuation. I’m on the opposite side of midtown so I don’t see any of the flashing lights, or crowds standing around wondering….I don’t have the sense of urgency that emergency personnel must be feeling as they race to handle the unknown. But I do feel the anger, the passion, the desire to protect our great city. Those of us who live here and make our livelihood here are just trying to live our lives like those in any big city of the world. It is our Home. Why must those who don’t appreciate or understand our way of life, feel the need to destroy it? To hurt the innocents? Does that really make sense on a deep human level?

I don’t understand many a religion or political philosophy but I don’t feel the need to destroy it. I figure it is my job as a member of the human race to accept our differences. If we all did that, perhaps we could have a sliver more peace.

Bombs in cars. Bombs in packages. Why? Is it the Naked Cowboy that upsets you so?


Yo Adrian

I bought a fish. I named him Rocky. I saw a movie trailer recently featuring Sylvester Stallone. Yes, Stallone is still at it….pumped up with guns blazing. The never aging, never say die, hero. We’ve all loved him since his days as Rocky – the underdog boxer who stole our hearts.

My fish is a Betta fish – or fighting fish. Rocky’s a fighter, my fish is a fighter, I am a fighter. I bought him a bowl, a plant and some food. I talk to him – yes, I am quite possibly stepping into dangerous crazy cat lady territory, but what the hell. He seem’s happy – is there a way to really tell? He’s still alive so I’ll take it that I’m doing a decent job.

Rocky in the movie had a goldfish – know the name oh trivia masters?? (Moby Dick). And no, Cuff and Link were his turtles, not his fish. Rocky found love at the pet store….I did too…lol.