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We  know  you  think  you  are



but  you  are  nothing  without



Pay  up  or  else!



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Thank Bitmoji It’s Friday

On this Thank Bitmoji It’s Friday – I’m happy I have my new cartoon friend along for the ride.

Let's Discuss Bitmoji

I only discovered, and created, this playful version of myself this past weekend.  Bitmoji is clearly a hit and I know why.  It expands our thoughts, feelings and ideas in the digital world.  It puts a “face” to email, texts, tweets.  It, essentially, personalizes.

What do you love?

On this pre-Valentine’s Day Eve, I’m thinking of love in a different context…not that of romantic love, but of things that I love…things that make my heart beat a little faster.

I love music.  I love how it makes me feel.  I love the way it can make us smile, or move us to tears.

I love pizza.  Yes, I love a food item.  I love the taste, the texture, the variety.  I love that it’s iconic and universal.  I love that it’s cheap, quick and easy – and satisfying.

I love learning.  I love researching and gathering new information.

I love dinner parties.

I love love love the beach.  The smell of the air, the sound of the waves, the warmth of the sun.

Rake and Blow

Life is not Or.  It’s And.  More often than not, life is an and experience.  One should rake and blow.

Case in point.  We were hanging out with some friends in Brooklyn, having brunch.  Jonathan and his wife Karen were there and we were discussing yard work.  They have 2 children – boys – at that time in their teens.  As most of us understood growing up, yard work was part of the kids duties.  We had our chores – extra hands to help out around the house – sometimes with the promise of an allowance at completion.  “Hard work never killed anyone” – a common quote from a parents playbook.

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