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Dear E


We  know  you  think  you  are



but  you  are  nothing  without



Pay  up  or  else!



the  alphabet


Thank Bitmoji It’s Friday

On this Thank Bitmoji It’s Friday – I’m happy I have my new cartoon friend along for the ride.

Let's Discuss Bitmoji

I only discovered, and created, this playful version of myself this past weekend.  Bitmoji is clearly a hit and I know why.  It expands our thoughts, feelings and ideas in the digital world.  It puts a “face” to email, texts, tweets.  It, essentially, personalizes.

Buddha Balboa

How to Beat Perfectionism: To “ER” is Human

Are we conditioned to have “er” thinking?

Moving through the department store, laden with beautiful fashion, I found my brain working overtime.  As my eyes scanned the racks and my fingers grazed the clothes, my mind kept saying, “I wish I was younger, thinner, richer…I would love to wear all these beautiful things.”  I could just picture it – that long lean midriff baring dress, that gorgeous designer silk top, that adorable short skirt.  In my next life, I would come back as some greater form of my current self and be all these “er” things.


Enough IS Enough

I’m going to tell you something you may or may not already know.  Are you ready?

You are enough.

Enough what?  Enough you.  Beautiful enough, rich enough, smart enough, cool enough, enough-enough.

As I make my way through all the online teachers, coaches and gurus….and through the burgeoning self-help section at the bookstore…I’m repeatedly struck by the same “icky” feeling.  This uncomfortable feeling that the self-help medicine men and women of the world, are making us feel worse than we already do.  Hearing them tell me that something is lacking in my life, or giving me fancy tips to become a better me, makes me wonder if I’m not a very good me to begin with.  I have this feeling that I have so much to fix – that I’m nowhere near complete.